Why Your Lawyer Should Handle Your Injury Claims? Robert Armstrong

Personal injuries of every type should prompt an immediate phone call to a reputable personal injury attorney.  Ask anyone who has attempted to handle his or her own injury claim and they will testify the “pro se” self-representation route turned out to be a major mistake.  An accomplished personal injury attorney is necessary to fiercely advocate on your behalf, comply with all court requirements and keep pushing until you are provided with the financial compensation necessary to cover the true costs of your injury. 

A Personal Injury Attorney Will Help You Obtain a Fair Settlement Offer

Insurance companies and opposing counsel salivate at the opportunity to take on injured parties lacking legal representation.  If you do not have a lawyer in your corner to handle negotiations with the insurance company and/or opposing counsel, you will find it difficult to determine if proposed settlement offers are fair or a trap.  An experienced personal injury attorney has a litany of prior clients and experiences to draw upon to compare settlement offers. This is the knowledge you need to ensure you receive a fair offer that covers the costs associated with the true extent of your injury. 

In some cases, simply sending official correspondence from the personal injury attorney’s office with “Esq.” at the bottom is enough to prompt the insurer or opposing counsel to float out a substantial offer.  The moral of this story is injury victims who hire a savvy personal injury attorney are that much more likely to receive the money they need to pay for their medical treatment, equipment, rehabilitation, lost time at work, pain and suffering, etc.

You Need a Lawyer to Simplify This Complex Legal Challenge 

Navigating the legal system should be the least of your concerns after an auto accident or other injury.  This is a time to focus on rebuilding your body, mind and spirit. Let a personal injury lawyer tend to the legal aspect of your case so you can zero in on recuperation and returning to work.  

Personal injury cases are inherently complex.  There is no sense wasting your time attempting to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the law, engaging in settlement negotiations or representing yourself in a pro se manner when the opposition is ready and willing to set all sorts of creative legal traps. Those who refuse to hire an attorney typically end up settling for an absurdly low amount of money.  This is especially true for accidents involving several vehicles as there is only so much settlement money to go around. You need an attorney on your side to prove you had no fault in such an accident or at least argue to minimize your proportional fault. The assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney really will transform a highly complex multi-vehicle car accident claim from a nagging pain into a simple matter you don’t have to worry about.  

Your Attorney Will Prove You are not At-fault 

Perhaps most importantly, your personal injury attorney will prove you are not responsible for the auto accident or other event that caused your injury.  You should not be found even partially responsible for an accident you did not cause.  Your attorney will collect evidence, interview accident scene witnesses, review the police report, evaluate your medical evaluation and build a compelling case to prove the other party is at-fault.  This is the comprehensive documentation you need to clear your name and maximize your compensation to account for all expenses related to this unfortunate incident. You can sit back, relax and shift your attention to returning your life to a semblance of normalcy as your attorney pieces together the legal puzzle in the quest to maximize compensation.