Steps to Take After a Truck Accident - Robert armstrong personal injury attorney north carolina

Truck accidents are often quite destructive and painful due to the size of these enormous vehicles.  If you walk away from a truck accident, consider yourself lucky. You are undoubtedly in a state of shock following this unfortunate event.  Our legal team is here to help you every step of the way toward justice. Here is how to proceed in the aftermath of a truck accident.

Tend to Your Injuries

Nothing matters more than your health.  If you are injured or in pain, you need immediate medical assistance.  Do not worry about the nuances of your truck accident case in the immediate aftermath of the event.  Have your wounds tended to and your pain alleviated. Let your attorney handle compiling evidence, interviewing witnesses and building a sound legal case.  

Even if you do not feel any physical pain after the accident, it still makes sense to have your condition documented with a medical report.  It is possible you have endured internal bleeding, whiplash or another underlying injury that won’t manifest for a while. It is important to note truck accident victims who refuse medical attention open the door for opposing counsel to argue the accident did not cause any injury or pain.  


Contact the Police

If possible, contact the police from the scene of the accident.  A police report makes the accident that much more official and legitimate in the eyes of the court as well as insurance company representatives.  Keep in mind some of those involved in truck accidents do not know the full extent of their injuries stemming from the accident for days or even weeks after the event.  

The police report detailing the accident also has the potential to prove your innocence and the truck driver’s negligence.  Negligence is a legal term commonly used to refer to a person or institution’s failure to provide due care to those in the vicinity.  So don’t shy away from contacting the authorities.  


Document the Accident Scene and Obtain Insurance Information

Write down the truck driver’s insurance information, license plate, name and vehicle description.  When interacting with the truck driver, do not state any more than you have to. Do not admit fault in the slightest.  If possible, record the interaction with your smartphone.

Take a picture of the accident scene with your smartphone or draw a picture with pen and paper.  Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle, the truck and any nearby property. Flag down witnesses, take down their names and contact information.  Witness testimony just might make the difference between a massive payout and losing this critically important legal battle.  


Contact the Insurance Company 

Reach out to your auto insurance company to report the accident.  Write down the details of your conversation with the auto insurance representative.  Do your best to describe what happened.  

If you are not of sound mind following the accident, it is better to wait until you are coherent and can explain exactly what happened so the insurance company has a clear picture of the accident.  If you end up speaking to the other driver’s insurance company, keep your words to a minimum. Do not even hint at the potential you might have been at fault for the accident. Stick to the facts and do not provide extensive detail. Do not agree to a recorded statement!


Hire an Attorney

You need a seasoned truck accident attorney on your side to go up against the truck company’s highly-paid legal representation.  Hire an attorney and you will be able to narrow your focus on improving your health. Your attorney will work on your behalf to obtain a settlement offer or a favorable court decision. Contact Robert Armstrong Law, today.