After a car accident, you probably feel wronged. And then come the many phone calls in dealing with getting your car fixed, filing a claim with the insurance company and discussing the matter with your medical professionals. 

In the wake of the whole ordeal, you might forget to seek counsel from a North Carolina car accident attorney, but this is an important phone call you should not ignore.

Reasons to contact a North Carolina car accident attorney

Your first thoughts after a car accident are probably not about taking the other party to court. In fact, you might even hope that you don’t have to, and that’s understandable.

However, what you should know is that medical bills can add up quickly and the insurance company could deny your claims, leaving you financially damaged from the accident.

Personal injury attorneys do not charge clients anything unless they earn a settlement for the client. So contacting a personal injury attorney after a car accident is risk-free and smart.

Here are the benefits of discussing your situation with a North Carolina car accident attorney. 

  • Learn what you should and shouldn’t say during insurance company discussions
  • Protect your right to file a lawsuit later on if it becomes necessary
  • Evaluate the value of a personal injury lawsuit
  • Get information on signs of a serious injury
  • Gain confidence in the process and discover the next steps you should take

Even if you never end up pursuing a lawsuit, you’ll know what to look out for and how to protect yourself in your discussions with the insurance company. You’ll also learn what documents to hold onto in case a lawsuit becomes necessary down the road.

How will I know whether or not I need to file a personal injury lawsuit?

Generally speaking, you do not need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party’s insurance company in the following scenarios:

  • You do not suffer any injuries from the North Carolina car accident.
  • Your injuries are minor and you’re able to recover without seeing specialists or undergoing expensive testing.
  • The insurance company accepts liability for the accident and is willing to pay your minor medical bills and property damage.
  • The insurance company offers you a small settlement for your mild injuries and you’re ready to just move on with life.

Personal injury lawsuits are for car accidents that result in injuries that are more serious than scrapes or bruises or require more than a few chiropractic adjustments. As the weeks pass following a car accident, you’ll know how severe your injuries are and the impact they’ll have on your life. 

You can then use this information to decide whether or not it’s worth it to file a personal injury claim. And if you do decide to move forward, you’ll have the confidence in knowing that you started your claim off right with a conversation with an attorney.

What to look out for when dealing with an insurance company

If you choose to postpone hiring a personal injury attorney, here’s what you need to look out for from the insurance company:

  1. Delays in paying your bills
  2. Paying only the property damage from your accident and not the medical bills
  3. Paying some medical bills but avoiding others
  4. Claiming that your injuries were not from the car accident but were pre-existing or caused by something else
  5. Using recorded statements against you where you claim to feel fine right after an accident
  6. Pressuring you into taking a settlement in a short timeframe
  7. Requiring a recorded statement regarding what happened during the car accident
  8. Acting as though they are looking out for your best interests while recommending a very small settlement
  9. Stating that they’ll pay all bills related to your accident but later deny some of the bills
  10. Completely denying your car accident claim
  11. Disputing your injuries or the severity of those injuries
  12. Showing surveillance of your daily life that proves your injuries are not severe

An attorney will help you look out for these common traps that car insurance companies set for victims to protect your rights and help ensure you get the settlement you deserve. Robert Louis Armstrong Personal Injury Attorney offers a free case evaluation to help you decide whether or not a personal injury lawsuit makes sense for you. Contact us to schedule your free evaluation.