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Drivers who have the minimum auto insurance coverage will be in quite the bind if they are in a serious collision with an underinsured driver.  The sad truth about driving is we are all at the mercy of others. You can do everything right behind the wheel and still end up in an accident with an irresponsible driver who carries insufficient auto insurance coverage.  Let’s take a quick look at the merits of adding underinsured motorist coverage to your auto insurance policy.

Minimum Coverage Necessitates that you purchase Underinsured Motorist Coverage

It is awfully tempting to carry the lowest possible coverage levels on your auto insurance policy to minimize your monthly payment.  However, if your coverage limits are low and you get into an accident with a driver with insufficient auto insurance, you will be on the hook for related costs in excess of your coverage.  This is precisely why underinsured motorist coverage is an absolute must for those who carry the minimum auto coverage limits. It is very inexpensive to buy and can potentially pay you back big time.

Fail to carry underinsured motorist coverage and a significant accident just might ruin your finances even though you were not at fault for the collision.  Think of this additional form of insurance as a policy that makes life a little bit more fair. Pay a little bit more for underinsured motorist coverage and you won’t have to endure the injustice of paying for another driver’s mistake.

Underinsured Drivers are a Fact of Life

We are all surrounded by underinsured and uninsured drivers on the roads and highways.  Though a harsh accident with an underinsured driver is unlikely, it has the potential to happen.  If you are the unlucky driver struck by a driver with insufficient auto insurance and you have the bare minimum insurance, you might end up with more medical/property expenses than covered by insurance.  

So don’t rule out the possibility of a financially devastating collision with an underinsured driver.  You really can do everything right while operating your vehicle and still end up paying through the nose after an accident with an uninsured driver.  Underinsured motorist coverage is your safety net.

Request Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If you are like most drivers, you do not know if your auto insurance policy has underinsured motorist coverage.  Do not assume you have this coverage. If you have fairly low coverage levels or the lowest possible, you absolutely need this additional coverage to protect your hard-earned savings in the event of an accident with a driver lacking the proper insurance.  Pick up the phone and contact your auto insurance agent today. Find out if you have underinsured motorist coverage. If your policy does not have this coverage, give serious consideration to adding it today, especially if your current coverage is the bare minimum.

On the Fence? Consider the Extent of Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Most drivers are surprised to learn the extent of underinsured motorist insurance coverage.  This affordable coverage protects you, the driver, as well as family members and additional passengers riding in the vehicle at the time of the accident.  Coverage applies to medical costs related to the accident along with loss of income for you as well as passengers up to the policy limits. 

Underinsured motorist coverage even protects you outside of your vehicle.  Use your mind’s eye to envision a situation in which you are riding in a buddy’s vehicle and are struck by an undersinsured driver.  Your underinsured motorist coverage will kick in so you don’t have to worry about financial ruin after an accident you did not cause.