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Semi-truck accidents are particularly devastating as the sheer size of the truck makes collisions that much more violent.  If you are involved in a semi-truck accident, there is a good chance you will have the opportunity to accept a sizable settlement offer as long as you lean on a skilled legal team.  This type of auto accident case is unique in a number of regards. Let’s take a look at how semi-truck accident cases work.


The Basics of Semi-truck Accident Cases

Most people involved in semi-truck accidents assume a resulting legal case will take an abundance of time.  Though this type of auto accident is comparably complicated, there is no guarantee the legal battle will prove lengthy.  Hire an attorney and you will be able to focus on recuperating from your injuries while a comprehensive liability investigation is conducted.  Our legal team is here to compile evidence, keep track of your related expenses, prove the truck driver’s negligence and help you enjoy a high quality of life after the accident.

It might be necessary to put a physical hold on the truck involved in the accident to guarantee evidence is available should the matter proceed to court.  Our legal team will take as long as necessary to perform a full investigation of the damage to the truck as well as possible truck defects that might have contributed to the accident or directly caused it.  Though this detailed legal investigation has the potential to extend the length of time it takes to reach a favorable settlement offer, it is important to serving justice. An in-depth investigation will reveal essential information and insights that help prove the truck driver’s guilt and build your case for justice as well as financial compensation.

Semi-truck Accidents Have the Potential for a Large Payout

Insurance policies for these large trucks are typically quite large.  In most cases, semi-trucks have insurance coverage in the range of a million dollars.  This massive insurance coverage creates the opportunity for a sizable payout. Our legal team is here to maximize your payout for all related costs from medical treatment to durable medical equipment, pain, suffering, lost time at work and so on.  Add in the fact that there is the possibility for several defendant policies to be in play and the matter becomes that much more complicated.


Settlement Factors: Injuries, Medical Treatment and Beyond

The extent of your injuries and required medical treatment play a major role in the course settlement talks take.  The typical personal injury case reaches a conclusion after the victim has completely recovered. However, accidents involving semi-trucks are likely to result in harsh injuries that require extensive treatment and a lengthy period of recovery.  These factors all have the potential to delay settlement talks as both parties attempt to determine the true costs of the injuries. Your attorney will guide you through this process to ensure you do not settle your claim in the midst of treatment.  It is impossible to understand the true cost of related expenses, pain, suffering, lost wages and other expenses until you have been released from the doctor’s care.

Be patient, let your attorney handle settlement negotiations and you just might emerge with a good settlement offer in due time.  The majority of semi-truck cases settle yet there is always the option of bringing the case to trial. All in all, the length of time it takes to reach a resolution hinges on the forementioned medical treatment summary and liability findings.  Furthermore, the available insurance also matters. Do not attempt to navigate the legal maze on your own. We will fiercely advocate on your behalf to ensure the negligent truck driver’s actions are highlighted and penalized in the form of financial compensation.

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