Hurricane Florence Insurance Coverage FAQ - Robert armstrong personal injury attorney north carolina

Why should I hire an attorney following a hurricane?

You should not attempt navigate this complex legal and bureaucratic maze alone.  The aftermath of a hurricane is a trying period of time in which you need all the help you can get.  This is not a time to worry about your hurricane insurance or flood insurance claim.  Let your attorney handle your hurricane claim and you can focus on rebuilding your life.  It is in your hurricane lawyer’s interest to fiercely advocate on your behalf to obtain a favorable recovery.

What does proof of loss mean?

In some cases, insurance claim adjusters will request that you complete a proof of loss form in order for your insurance claim to be processed.  It is best to think of proof of loss as a legal concept.  This means the insured party must provide evidence to the insurance provider so they understand the extent of the damage, the property lost, the cost of repairs and other damage related to the hurricane.  You will likely have to use the insurance provider’s forms to properly document all loses.  Keep in mind such forms are designed to limit the amount of the flood or wind damage.  It will help to have a proven attorney on your side to correctly fill out all forms so your claim is not jeopardized. 

Our legal team is well aware of the fact that courts view proof of loss as flexible.  There might be quite the burden of proof required to show the loss actually occurred.  Our attorneys are here to meet this standard of proof, expedite your claim and ultimately obtain the compensation you deserve.

Does the adjuster have the ultimate say regarding the amount of money I can obtain for my insurance claim?

It is a common misconception that adjusters have the final say over the amount for damages.  As the property owner, you have the legal right to provide evidence or a form of proof of loss to support your hurricane insurance claim.  The insurance company is burdened with proving the damage in question is not covered by the policy.  The insurance provider can also attempt to show the value of the alleged loss is less than the claim.

How do I maximize the amount I receive for my personal property loss as detailed in my hurricane insurance claim?

It is incredibly frustrating when the insurance provider tries to low-ball you following a devastating event and subsequent claim.  You deserve fair compensation for your lost property.  In most cases, it takes the skill and strategy of an attorney to prove the loss, provide adequate documentation and spearhead the push toward justice.  It certainly helps to document each loss with photographs, receipts and any other means of displaying the original condition or value. 

What are the most common problems people have with insurance companies after hurricanes?

Insurance providers are bombarded with phone calls and claims following hurricanes.  It is time-consuming and tedious to complete the claims process in the days following this unfortunate event.  Even if you get to the point where the insurance company is willing to provide an estimate for repair or replacement, it will likely be much lower than anticipated.  In some cases, the insurance provider’s customer service goes on the offensive, making the claimant feel guilty or uncomfortable.  It is better to lean on your attorney until this ordeal reaches a conclusion.

Why do insurance adjusters often mislead claimants following hurricanes and other storms?

Insurance companies are in business to make money.  The aim of an insurance company’s workforce is to close as many claims as possible without spending an abundance of time on the phone trying to solve customer problems.  These representatives will bend the agreement’s language and attempt to manipulate customers who are not represented by an attorney.  In some cases, all it takes is the “Esq.” at the end of an attorney’s signature to convince an adjuster to green-light a favorable payout.