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Collisions with government vehicles are different than those with vehicles driven by everyday citizens operating their own privately-owned automobiles.  If you are involved in an accident with a government vehicle, the most important thing you can do is lean on a savvy personal injury attorney to pursue compensation on your behalf.  Otherwise, you will likely find it challenging to obtain the compensation you need and deserve after this unfortunate accident.


Why Collisions With Government Vehicles are Different 

Collisions with government vehicles are unique in that they sometimes carry extra burdens of proof.  Furthermore, the statue of limitations might be shorter in this type of accident. The bottom line is an auto accident with a government vehicle really does change the rules of the personal injury case.  You cannot simply work with the insurance company to sort this matter out; the government is now involved. In some cases, the law provides immunity to specific governmental positions. In other words, the individual responsible for the collision along with ensuing injuries and property damage might have legal protection against recourse.


The Federal Tort Claims Act 

In general, the more important the government vehicle is, the more complex the claim will become.  Such accidents involving government vehicles are grouped under the Federal Tort Claims Act. This Act essentially means private citizens can sue the United States government if it would be possible to pursue that alleged negligent driver if he or she were a private person not operating a government-owned automobile.  The Act mandates the plaintiffs prove the government employee’s negligence. This is not an impossible feat, especially if the accident can be documented by eyewitnesses, video footage, a police report or other evidence.  


The First Step to Obtaining Compensation: File the Claim

Our Wilmington legal team is here to help in the aftermath of your auto accident.  We will help you file a claim as quickly as possible after your accident with the government vehicle.  There is an abbreviated statute of limitations for a collision involving a government vehicle. If you do not file the suit within this time window, you will not be able to pursue justice in a court of law.  Let our attorneys file your case as soon as possible to preserve the claim as well as your legal rights. This formal written claim includes the date of the accident, the amount sought in damages based on repair and medical bills, personal contact information and a personal statement detailing the car accident along with evidence and supporting facts. 


Do not be Intimidated by the Government

Too many people involved in auto accidents with government vehicles assume legal recourse will prove either uber-challenging, egregiously costly or time-consuming.  Though it is certainly a bit more difficult to obtain compensation after an auto accident with a government vehicle, it is possible. Let our Wilmington auto accident attorneys handle your case so you don’t have to worry about the nuances of this type of collision.  In fact, obtaining compensation might be easier than expected if the vehicle involved in the accident is a non-emergency automobile.  

Our Wilmington, NC personal injury team has handled dozens of such cases involving emergency vehicles.  Put your faith in us and we will fiercely advocate on your behalf even if the government puts up a lengthy fight. Contact us today.