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When you’ve been injured on the job, in the car, at the hospital, or any number of ways, your injuries change the way you live your life. Personal injuries are just that, personal. Getting the right kind of legal help to represent the hardships and lifestyle changes is important. You need a personal injury lawyer that truly understands and represents you.

I believe that it is vitally important for a personal injury lawyer to know the person that he or she is representing. This means thoroughly understanding what that person is going through because of his or her injury. It also means understanding what the caregivers and family members are experiencing due to the injury.

How has the occurrence disrupted and burdened the injured person and their family? How have their activities been limited? Are they able to move around and function properly? How has it affected them at work and what have they lost at leisure? What loss will they suffer financially due to medical bills and lost wages? What kind of person was he or she before the injury occurred? What has he or she become by virtue of the injury?

Secure Your Future

I receive a great sense of satisfaction in knowing my clients in such a way as to be able to tell their story effectively and persuasively in a Court of law. Nothing pleases me more than obtaining a result that lifts the heavy burden of financial uncertainty off a client’s shoulders.

If you need legal help because of an injury, then you want an experienced personal injury lawyer representing you.

Client Testimonials

A lawyer who really cares!

From the moment I met Robert I sensed that he would be the a lawyer I could trust. He made it a point to get to know me as a person, and answered any and all questions I had for him. He never made me feel like I was asking stupid questions, or that I was bothering him when I called or emailed him. He made time for me whenever I was in town (I live in Raleigh) even if I didn’t have a pre-arranged appointment. My family also felt comfortable and respected. He and his staff were professional and kept me in the loop as he negotiated through the settlement process with the insurance companies. Throughout the process of my injury recovery Robert kept up with my progress and encouraged me not to give up when I was struggling. His communication was always encouraging and positive, honest and personal. Most of my contact was with Robert directly, so I knew I was getting the personal attention I needed. Robert explained the legal process clearly so I always felt involved in my case. By the time my case was resolved a year later I felt like I had a new friend who just happened to be a REALLY good lawyer! I highly recommend Robert Armstrong!

Laurie –

Impeccable service

Bob took very good care of my family and I after a car accident we were involved in. He was prompt, answered any and all questions we had. He kept in contact with us the entire time, checking in on our progress, letting us know where we were in the case as far as settlement etc. He’s absolutely wonderful, very personable and makes you feel welcome and comfortable. I would definitely recommend Attorney Robert Armstrong!!!

Kristine Jerry –

Honest informed Communication from before I even decided to retain him. Straightforward, supportive, kind and focused. I feel completely comfortable putting one of the most important decisions of my life in his teams more than capable hands. The client attorney relationship is a two way street. The more you put into helping to work towards that common goal, the better results you will have. In closing, if communication, attentiveness and experience are what you are searching for, you will find it with Robert!

Michael Powell

A Great Lawyer and Good Friend

Robert Armstrong is not only a great attorney but he has become a good friend. Bob represented my wife almost ten years ago in a personal injury case and he did such a fantastic job that we never forgot him. (It helped that he occasionally sent us a few thoughtful items his wife had crafted throughout the years). How many lawyers would even bother to take the time to do something like that. Before I had the pleasure of coming in contact with Bob, I had an attorney that actually chewed me up one side and down the other just for calling his office to ask a simple question about the case he was handling for me. Not Bob. You can call any time and there’s always a pleasant greeting as if he’s been expecting your call. A lot of times he will call me just to see how I’m getting along.

Bob has bent over backwards to keep me in the loop with every aspect pertaining to my current case and it has been, and will be, a long drawn out process due to my injury. His detemination is relentless and his knowledge of the law and the system in which it works is totally remarkable. I feel completely secure with Robert Armstrong handling my affairs, and so will you.

Walter –
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