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Driving or riding in an automobile is by far the most dangerous thing you do on a daily basis.  Even a minor auto accident has the potential to cause serious whiplash or even a brain injury. If you are involved in any type of auto accident, your first course of action should be obtaining medical treatment for your injuries.  Even if you do not feel physical pain immediately after an accident, you might have a latent injury that does not manifest for hours, days or even weeks from the time of the accident.


Meet With the Doctor to Document Your Injury

A doctor will evaluate your physical condition after the accident.  This professional documents your injury in writing, establishes a course of treatment and provides ongoing care.  Even if emergency medical personnel, police officers and others insist you are fine and injury-free after the accident, you should still go to the doctor.  Meet with a doctor for a thorough evaluation as soon as possible so a causal relationship can be formally established between the accident and your injuries.  This is the evidence you need to prove the collision is directly responsible for your pain, suffering, loss of use and/or reduced working capacity. You deserve compensation for each of these losses.  

Fail to meet with the doctor or delay your doctor visit and you will jeopardize your chances of receiving the financial compensation you need and deserve.  An auto accident is enough to deal with in itself; there is no reason to make the situation even worse by failing to have your injuries documented in-depth by a legitimate medical professional.


When in Doubt, Obtain a Second Opinion

There is no guarantee the first evaluation of your health after the accident will be accurate.  Some brain injuries take time to fully manifest. So don’t assume a medical responder’s analysis of your health reflects reality.  If a doctor’s initial evaluation seems inaccurate or flawed in any way, you deserve a second opinion to ensure complete accuracy. Obtain a second opinion with another doctor and you might be shocked as to how different his or her evaluation is from the initial doctor’s analysis.  


Time is of the Essence 

 Though there are some exceptions, it is challenging to prove a causal relationship between the auto accident and the injury unless there is formal documentation performed by a legitimate medical professional within a reasonable time after the accident.  Otherwise, it will be that much easier for the insurance company or opposing counsel to poke holes in your argument that the accident is the true cause of your pain, loss of use, lost wages, etc.


You Deserve to Know if You Have a Head Injury 

A head injury has the potential to dramatically change your life.  If you are involved in any type of auto accident, meet with a doctor as soon as possible to determine if you have a head injury.  It will also help to be reevaluated a couple days later as it might take some time for the symptoms of your head injury to show. A written evaluation of your condition serves as critically important evidence to prove you are genuinely injured.  

You have every right to know if you have a head injury, even if it is minor.  If you have a legitimate brain injury, another blow to the head can prove fatal.  Furthermore, head injuries are not completely obvious or visible like lacerations, bruises and broken bones.  You need a professional medical analysis to document your injuries, establish the extent of your injuries and ultimately prove you deserve compensation for your pain, suffering, lost wages and other costs related to the accident.

After your motorcycle accident, you do not have time to wait—you need an attorney who will take action right away.

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